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    I have my phone set to allow roaming. That part works fine. But when I'm back in the Sprint service area, and have been back for hours, the phone stays in roaming. There is a sprint tower next door to my house, and it will stay in roaming. And like I said I do not have the "roaming networks only" selected, just the "allow roaming". I have to turn the radio off and back on to get it back on Sprint. I've even seen it stay on another carrier when they barely had signal, and Sprint was maxed. My wifes Samsung M610 switches back and forth flawlessly. My PRL is the most current 20227. What gives with that?
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    If it is happening repeatedly, you may need to have a different prl loaded on your device. This happened to a few 700p's in Virginia with prl 20224. Have your unit HP/POST tested at a tech store to ensure it is working properly. If the test passes, see if the tech is willing to back date/reverse your prl to 20226 and see if the problem still happens. If so, you may have discovered a bug that may or may not be addressed in the MR. Let me know as I'm interested to your resolution. Could just be the area. I recommend home networks only or roaming only settings. Auto seems to screw things up.

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    Current updated @ 20227.
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    This happens to me too. Where I work, Verizon coverage is spotty and I frequently end up on extended network when in a meeting in the center of the building. Then when I go back to my office where I have at least two bars, it stays on extended network. In my case, it gets hot apparently trying to get back on Verizon and I have to do a soft reset to keep it from running the battery down. This happens 2-3 times a day - now I'm in the habit of checking its temperature repeatedly. I thought that perhaps it needs three or more bars to go back to the Verizon network, but on a few occasions, it happened shortly before leaving work - then I find it in extended network at home where I get full bars on Verizon.
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    In regards to forcing signals, I've been sucsefull w/ the 700p (as opposed to the 650) with getting it to switch networks when its stuck on roaming w/ the "only roaming" or "only non roaming" options. Those seems to kick the radio and force it to "reset" itself w/o wasting time to power it off and back on.
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    Same problem here. When I go to roaming on the El it stays on roaming even after a Sprint signal is available. Sometimes it goes back to roaming on a radio reset even though there is strong Sprint coverage in the area.
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    I've experienced this problem as well. But instead of turning the phone off, just change the roaming setting to "Home Networks Only". Of course, the handoff should happen automatically but this workaround is better than turning the phone on/off.
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    I've been stuck in roaming more often than not lately when I'm in my home area with PRL 20225. I've been holding off doing much of anything till the MR comes out and see what happens. Seeing that yet another update has been done on a newer phone (the ATT 680), I'm not very confident our MR is going to be out this week, but we'll see.
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    I've also noticed that when manually changing the roaming setting, that it can take several tries. Meaning that if I'm changing to say"Home Networks Only", I go back in, and it is still set to the previous setting. It can take 3 or more tries, before it takes.

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