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    Anyone suggestions overcoming severe battery drain when SAG is loaded? I've removed it and see about a four-fold increase in battery life.
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    Sorry, no suggestions, but confirmation that I experienced the same problem. That and overall lag seemed to be worse. What I really didn't understand about these problems was that I would experience them whether I was actively using SAG or not. I really don't understand why there was lag and battery drain when I wasn't even using the program (for days at a time).
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    What version of SAG are you using? The newest is 1.12
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    1.08 is the only one I have been able to use that doesnt affect battery life...
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    Thanks for the feedback. I've tried 1.10 and 1.12 without success and experience the same battery drain even when I'm not using SAG- bummer. I thought there might be active processes with the bluetooth stack running in the background and even turned off bluetooth to see if SAG would time out and reserve battery life- no luck. I've removed it and hope they'll address this problem, along with the DRM issues that prevent me from streaming Rhapsody 2 Go to my Motorola HT820 headset.
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    sag 1.11 here and also battery drain. will try 1.12 but it doesn't sound promising.

    any chance the MR from palm may actually fix this?
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    I had the same issues. stepping back to 1.08 is the answer. get it on the sag forums.
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    I wonder why Softick can't fix this. I have the same problem.....
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    Im noticing more and more my battery is draining unexpectedly. Im curious if SAG is the culpret.

    In the mean time Im going to shut off the BT radio unless Im specifically using it to see if that helps.
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    I wonder if SAG will even work at all after the MR comes out
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    I'm pretty sure SAG is the culprit. It doesn't have to be running to cause the severe drain. If you remove it from the phone completely, the problem goes away which is a pretty good indication it is the problem. Also, many, many people are reporting the same problem.
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    Good news. I think the MR fixed the battery drain. My battery life on the 700P seems to have dramatically improved after loading the MR. Anyone else see the same?

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