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    It wasn't easy but I was successful in migrating my existing sprint Treo 650phone number to the $50 all-inclusive 1250 minute SERO plan with a new Treo 755p. I followed the insturctions laid out on the SERO thread. They sent me a new 755 for $279.00 with a new number. After several hours with customer care and ultimately winding up with employee customer care I was able to port my existing number over to the new plan and cancel my old plan which was out of the two year contract period.

    I'll try my hand at getting the $100 mail in rebate and see if it works. Upgrading from the Treo 650 for me has been great so far. I'll watch to see if battery issues arise, but otherwise the upgrade made all the sense in the world. The savings on the SERO plan will almost pay for the new phone in six months compared to my old plan. As far as the new Hawkins device coming out, I'll be six months into my contract, giving Palm 18 months to work out the bugs before I upgrade.
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    I pretty much want to do the same thing you did, but I am still under contract. Do you think I have a snowball's chance?

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