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    What do you mean by provisoning manually?
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    1. On the Phone app screen, dial ##3282#. The Data apps screen appears.

    2. Press the Menu button. The Options menu appears.

    3. Select Update Vision Profile. The Treo 755p connects to Sprint Provisioning and provisions the device.

    That's it. I'm not sure what it does but I remain convinced that Sprint updates the software that it downloads in this provisioning package. Even if not, I can't imagine this procedure damaging anything.

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    I charged my phone fully when I got home then unplugged it at 9:00 PM. This morning the battery was still almost full. I do receive e-mail throughout the night and I do realize that using the phone throughout the day will drain it more than it does at night -- but not as much as it has been. Last night I watched the 'network' arrows on the dialpad and they didn't blink much. This morning as soon as I got here to work the arrows are moving constantly and the battery indicator is dropping in front of my eyes. I am very conscious of the things that draing the battery -- I have the keyboard lights off, display dimmed, bluetooth off.

    This problem started for us last week but over the long weekend none of us had this problem -- it started up again on Tuesday.

    Is it possible that the cell tower we connect to here in Chicago at our office is causing the issue?

    I will try provisioning. I did speak with a Sprint rep yesterday -- she said that she enabled a stronger signal for my phone -- ??? Whatever she did it hasn't made a difference but I thought that was odd.
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    Provisioning has not helped.

    I am positive that the data - Sprint Power Vision - network is causing the battery to drain. I suppose it could be something installed on the phone but why did this just start after these phones have been in operation for months.

    The network bars cycle consistenly. On my phone it connects for 20 seconds then stops for 30 seconds then connects for 20 and so on. On one of the other phones it is even worse 20 seconds connection then stops for 20 seconds. They are both very consistent with the timing.
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    It's possible that something on the tower has changed, but I'm guessing no.

    My theory at this point is someone else in your building closeby has an interfering device running, or you have a repeater that is having issues. Or perhaps someone installed a new repeater and there's interference issues between two repeaters.

    For those of you wondering what a repeater is, cell signals can't get into a lot of buildings, so cell repeaters are installed. These are basically transcievers with antennae to the outside and inside so you can use your cell and pager.

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    Ok. I suppose it could be some other outside interference. I didn't think this could be possible -- its like there is a DOS attack on our phones. This problem is very scary - I can't think of any ways to troubleshoot this.
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