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    I see many of you got trouble while running the upgrade. I've done 6 of them w/o any hassle. Here is what I've done:

    1. Backup your treo 680 via hotsync or Resco backup (or whatever applications that familiar to you.)
    2. Hard reset Treo 680 and connect to the AC/DC power adaptor.
    4. Rename the fold PALM in your CURRENT used SD/MMC card. You can name it to PAL, so, once you finish the procedure, just add M to it. (I'm lazzy!)
    3. Download the file (SD card method), then unzip and copy the extracted folder PALM to your card.
    4. Insert the card to Treo, it will run automatically.
    5. Wait until the choose language option appears on treo, remove the card, delete the folder PALM, then rename the PAL to PALM.
    6. Restore your data, then you are good to go.

    By completing above steps, I can save my self a headache of hotsync issues and time to re-copy everything on the used SD/MMC card.

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