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    So far the only program I have that is definitely acting weird is Bejeweled 2. It lags on closing, almost to the point of seeming to lock up. During play it sometimes is hard to swap the gems. I had installed it on the card, and deleted that and tried the Rom- same thing. I love this game and would be sad not to be able to use it anymore. Anyone else seeing this behavior? All my other games installed seem fine.
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    I really do think it's just bejeweled in particular because I had bejeweled 2 on my 700p and it lags when exiting and I even put it on my 755 as well and it does the same thing. Reason why I said it's just bejeweled because all my other games exit just fine without any lag. I have a total of 12 games.
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    Carterism thanks for the confirmation. I wanted to be sure that it was not something particular to my setup. I have about the same amount of games and they do work fine. I am sad about this as I love this game.
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    Have you reported this to Astraware in their forums?
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    Not yet detective. I wanted to see if anyone else had the problem first or if it was just me. They are likely to pay more attention if others have the problem too. The last time I wrote them about a different problem I had, I was not particularly satisfied with the response, and they did not get back to me further as I requested.

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