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    I'm trying to install the new Cingular/ATT 680 update. I'm using a Mac, so I'm using the SD Card procedure. I'm following all of the instructions to the letter. After erasing the card and copying the PALM folder, I insert the card into my phone, and....Nothing happens. The applications list on the phone shows nothing on the card. I've tried moving the start.prc to various places on the card, to no avail. Any ideas?
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    Okay, I did a hard reset, and the updater launched. I have to say, though, that the installation procedure did not seem at all "normal". I had multiple blank screens, empty dialog boxes/confirmation buttons, and soft/hard resets. I was about to give up and start over, when the new AT&T logo came up. The phone is now running 1.09. Hmmm. I've done many a firmware update dating back through my Treo600 and 650's. This was far from a user-friendly experience.

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