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    Apple is the assembler so they are responsible for their choice in harddrives that they put in their devices. Same thing applies to brandname computers that choose the cheapest component to install. And cars and the multitudes of little parts inside that are not made by the manufacturer.
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    So we're gonna blame Apple for failing of third party drives? You remember the IBM Deskstar that was kindly renamed to Deathstar because of the high failure rates? All manufacturers have issues from time to time, but how they deal with them and stand behind their product is what's important to me. I know first hand how good Apple's support is, and that was my point.
    It is impressive how Apple supports and stands by their products but in regards to the HDD's, yes even tho that was 3rd party, but Apple still bought from them.

    Apple did make it better by replacing them but they shouldve done more homework and better testing.

    If my clutch goes out on my car do I blame Borg Warner (the makers of the clutch) or do I blame SAAB? SAAB of course. Assuming its under warrenty SAAB replaces it sure but its a SAAB issue not a Borg Warner issue.
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    Apple appologist
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    Guess the May 28th date is here and about to be history. So much for expecting something today.
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    ow well.. I am giving this update till the end of this week to appear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAz View Post
    ow well.. I am giving this update till the end of this week to appear.
    You better figure midnight Saturday as the release time if we're lucky based on their track record!
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