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    I've gone through so many cases since I got my first Treo 2.5 years ago its not even funny. Most of them have not lived up to my expectations, the worst of them have failed so miserably that my Treo ended up taking a dive and suffering damage. I want some REAL protection for my Treo, and I'm finally ready to spend a bit more money to do it.

    I thought that the Seidio rubberized slim hard case looked great, and I was even ready to spring for it and a holster or pouch case (together costing $50-$60) but now I've read some reviews that it isn't very robust and will actually fall off the Treo if dropped. What I'd really like is something that will help prevent dropping, and that's why I liked the rubberized finish. One of my case iterations was a combination of egrips and a Seidio swivel holster. That worked well but when the Treo was dropped (lets face it, its inevitable) the egrips provide no protection. The Seidio rubberized slim hard case looks like its the only case that truly provides protection on all sides, sacrificing only the antenna. I thought maybe one of the slider cases would provide protection but the top is still exposed, and none of the carrying options appeal to me. I like holsters because they hold the screen facing in and are easy to use.

    For the past few months I've been carrying my 700p in a Cellet holster. Well, it worked well for about 6 weeks but after that it started letting go of the phone where it clips in on top and suddenly I found my 700p clattering to the ground. This happened so many times that the 700p got quite ugly, very frustrating. Well the charging/hotsync jack actually fell out of the phone so now I've got a brand new insurance replacement, and I want to protect this one! For now I'm going to a contractor style vertical pouch that I found a Menard's for $5. Its soft and roomy but not very stylish. I've always been more of a holster kind of guy, ever since the days of the StarTac. Even through the Kyocera 7135 and onto the Treo 650 I always have gone to holsters.

    Ah goodness, I feel like I'm rambling now. Anyway. I don't know if there's a good case out there that is high quality but affordable and will really protect my Treo. I know you Vaja guys love your cases, but there's no way I can drop that kind of cash.
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    Best all around protection for Treo in my experience so far is speck product's roughneck (I think thats the name). Only issue I had with it is that over time, skin stretches (I change batteries ALOT + the inevitable reset = take cover off. If I can take the batter cover on/off withOUT having to stretch the rest of the device, this would be ideal for me.

    I also love the cover over the screen.

    U am going w/ the egrip and seidio's holster, like you mentioned, just so I can get phone in/out easily and change batteries easily. I must be careful w/ my stuff, so don't need to worry about dropping.

    I had my PPC 6700 since NOv 2005 and the seidio holster - never dropped it.
    ... Go Go TREO !!! The 700wx and T755P are awesome
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    I had a Speck ToughSkin. One of the many I've gone through. I could have gotten past the annoying way that the silicone gets caught on everything if it hadn't been for the extremely fragile belt clip. That belt clip felt flimsy from day one and it was always letting the phone fall, which put the silicone case to good use, but the antenna still got all scratched up.
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    So I guess what I really want now is a 2-case solution. I want a primary case that offers maximum surface coverage and some grip enhancement, but won't snag on clothing (like rubber and silicone will). I then want to pair that case with a belt holster or horizontal belt case of some kind that WILL NOT come off of my belt and WILL NOT allow the Treo to fall out of it.

    Because of these criteria I guess I'm back to looking at the combination of a Seidio rubberized slim hard case, perhaps with some sort of modification to make sure it doesn't fly off in case of a fall (Something semi-sticky like rubber cement maybe on the inside surface?), and either a holster that can accomodate it or a horizontal leather belt clip case that it will fit in. So far the ONLY horizontal leather belt clip case I've found that even claims to fit is the one made by Seidio themselves. I like the belt loop of the E&whatever case, but I doubt that the Treo would fit into it with the rubberized case on.

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    i have had the Speck SkinTight for a month or so now and love it. it offers excellent protection and good grip. i haven't dropped it once since putting the thing on. the screen cover is great. you can take it off if you don't like it. i did this for a while, but found i missed the additional protection it offered. one of the othe posters mentioned the belt clip not to be too secure. i disagree. i wear scrubs all day at work, and although my pager falls off the waistband frequently the phone has always been secure. also, the phone will not accidentally fall out of the clip, either. it is SNUG. lastly, the belt clip allows you to rotate the phone 360 degrees to whatever is most comfortable.

    --the rubberized material makes it more cumbersome to put in and take out of a shirt or pants pocket, but also makes it impossible for it to fall out if you're bending over.
    --no access to the SD card slot
    --no access to the battery cover
    --it has stretched slightly, and this may become a problem if you need to take the phone in and out of the skin frequently
    --not super easy to take in and out of belt clip

    hope this helps

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