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    When I hotsync the Calendar function takes 10 min to sync. It does finish after awhile.

    Now I am noticing that when I manually imput in the calender function, on the 680 myself it takes 10 seconds b/t letters to imput. Major lag.

    Anyone else having this issue??

    I can quickly scroll b/t apps and there is no lag on any other app.
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    I don't know if this applies to the 680 (probably not, my 680 doesn't have this file in RAM), but read this thread:
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    I recently upgraded from a T3 to a Treo 680, syncing at home and at work. The calendar took forever to sync on the T3 and it still does on the 680, but only after sync'ing on a different machine. If I sync at work and it takes forever, the next time won't be bad at all, but when I take it home it'll take forever to sync it the first time, etc. I'm just living with it, figuring my software install is messed up somehow. I figure it must be re-sync'ing the entire calendar every time I switch machines, but the data's not getting corrupted or anything so I don't really care. I'm syncing with Palm Desktop v4.2 using HotSync Manager 6.0.1 on WinXP.

    I do not notice any delay entering new appointments on the calendar. I read the linked thread but I don't have the Txn Log file on my Treo.
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