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    I recall reading a thread like this in the 700P section.

    --This happens on my 700p as well, but not as much as my 755--

    What do you guys think is the problem? My treo goes to sleep and will not wake up when I press the power button.

    Is it a corrupted db or an incompatible proggie?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    Is it a corrupted db or an incompatible proggie?
    Probably the latter.

    1. Rename your /Palm/<username>/Backup directory (to say, Backup.old)
    2. Hard reset your 755
    3. Hotsync

    That'll load your PIM data but no 3rd party software. Use the phone like that for a couple of days, to make sure that the coma-like behavior is indeed now absent. Then, reinstall one or two apps at a time, testing for a day or so after each install, until the behavior returns. Then you'll have a pretty good idea of what the cause is.
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    yah, afraid it was that...

    I strongly think its my chatteremail.

    it happens less if i set it to "park in chatter"
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    An area with a weak signal or weak data signal will cause the device to appear to lock up when attempting to establish a workable connection. ChatterEmail is just the thing that causes us to notice it, as it does attempt to maintain a connection to the data network. Disabling ChatterEmail should reduce this happening, though for many of us, email is an important feature.


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