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    well I have turned off and on the treo and it does not offer me any solution but thanks.

    I dont have InsertSD installed so that was good info if I ever do install it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emajy View Post
    Make sure Bluetooth is turned off. Sometimes if BT is on and my Treo 650 resets I lose access to the SD card. After the reset if I turn BT off and do another soft reset the SD card shows backup again.
    This is happening to me too!! I recently started using Motorola S9 stereo headset with SAG 1.12. I am losing my SD card intermittently too. I was suspecting SAG, but maybe it is Palm's BT stack ... ?
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    Install CardKeeper and check "Attempt Card Re-mount" and uncheck and your card should be visible. I know it is not a permanent solution but you'll see and get to use your card until the next soft reset. Works everytime for me and my 8GB SDHC.
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    This seems to happen when you install one app too many on your treo and it takes just a little too long to initialise them all after a reset.

    The sd software misses some sort of time-out and doesn't recognise the card.

    It doesn't seem to be related to any particular app, just having lots of them.

    Installing cadkeeper with the remount option selected seems to fix the issue.
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    Thanks for the tips. The funny thing is, I don't have too many applications that run (in the background) on startup. This behavior started happening after I started enabling BT (it was always off till now) and SAG and pairing with the S9.

    If I leave BT off by default (enable it only when I am listening to music and disable it afterwards) and leave the S9 off also by default, then the problem seems to go away. I am guessing that the process of turning BT on and discovering/pairing at the time of a reset causes the phenomena that Rob is mentioning.

    So, keep it simple when a reset is done: Keep BT off, keep BT devices off. Turn them on later, when needed, and then then turn them off again when you are done with BT.
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    Additional note:

    I have noticed recently that the "SD Card not recognized any more" problem happens to my 700p almost everytime I download/install a new app OTA or via an E-mail attachment.

    It does not happen at all (or certainly less frequently) when installing the same apps via hotsync.


    (I do have CardKeeper and CradleCare for those emergencies when it disappears)
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