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    Of all the things I dread about potentially changing devices, near the top of my list is dealing with that nasty "Graffiti 2" garbage. Has anyone successfully loaded Graffiti 1 libraries to their Treo 755 yet? (and from where?). So far the ones I've tried aren't taking yet.

    Wasn't there talk from Palm years ago about offering "many" different ways to enter data to their devices? Nice to have the keyboard, but Graffiti Anywhere comes in handy more than they'd think, and I'd like to be able to use it with single-stroke entry. Hasn't that lawsuit that started it all been tossed out?
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    Yeah, the lawsuit was thrown out years ago. I guess they figure since the Treo has a keyboard they don't have to deal with it anymore so they dropped development on it. I kept installing Graffiti 1 on all my PDAs until I got the Treo two years ago. After that I never bothered to worry about Graffiti Anywhere, I just got used to the keyboard.

    Funny thing is, I just wrote a little piece for my blog about the Visor Edge, and had to take out my old Edge and play with it -- it was weird to go back to the non-keyboard style. I was very surprised to find I have not forgotten how to write Graffiti 1, and my speed was pretty good. Shows it was a good input style. Even though I find the keyboard less hassle than taking out the stylus I kind of miss Graffiti, and the extra screen space it gave on the 320x480 models.
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    So is there anyone who manged to get Graffiti 1 to work on the 755p?

    I've tried MobileWrite but the there seems to be a lag. I prefer Graffiti Anywhere.

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    Actually the lawsuit was settled in the last year and Palm paid Xerox some millions.

    From what I have been able to determine there has been next to zero success with Legacy Graffiti libraries and NVFS.

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