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    Hi all. I am new to the 700p, but have been a Palm user for about 6 years, going back to the first Handspring. I currently have an older Sony Clie pda for all my contacts, email, Datebook planning, etc..

    I am tire of keeping both it and my cell phone up to date continually, so I got a Treo 700p. What I need to make sure is that it NEVER connects to the Internet, or uses any data ever.

    What setting on the 700p do I need to set/adjust to make sure it never does that?
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    Go into Preferences and Delete your network profile. Or, Modify the connection and change the Connection field from High Speed Wirelessto something like "Cradle/Cable" so it fails connecting.

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    Thank you so much. I did that. It would not let me delete the "defalut" network connection, so I made a new one called "me" and set it to cradle/cable.

    So, am I safe now? Is there anything else I should also do to make sure it NEVER uses any data time or kb?

    Am I correct in assuming that normal text messaging and/or checking voice mail is not considered data time but is normal and uses minutes against my monthly voice plan?

    I almost never text, but once in a while I'll get one from someone so I may do 10 - 20 a year total.

    I also almost never send pictures, but once or twice a year I may send one.

    Any problems with those? Thank you in advance for any advice.
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    You won't be able to send pictures. Everything else doesn't use your data plan. Keep in mind, you asked how to make it so you can't use data. If you plan on using the data, then you don't want to do what I said.

    Sprint Treo 700p
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    You will need your MSL then set the ##DATA# settings
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    If you call your provider and tell them they can block data access.
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    Thank you SOOOO MUCH for the good advice and tips everyone!!!
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    Just try launching Blazer. After 30 seconds of a white screen, it will certainly at least feel like it will never access data.

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