Hello all,

I've trolled the forums off and on over the years, so I'm not a complete noob here.

I've had the treo 600 since it first came out and decided it was time to upgrade so a couple of days ago I bought the 755p after reading several reviews around the web and of course on these forums.

I get home, quite excited that I am coming out of the stone age with my 600 and can enjoy some of the apps and games that I was unable to run on my 600. I stick the cd in my main pc running Windows xp64 bit and my first disappointment comes in an error message with the install files and later taking a quick glance at Palms site that they do not support x64 or Vista yet. I was able to get around this by installing the hotsync software on my work laptop running 32 bit XP but if I had not had that, this $500 phone would have been taken back to the Sprint store

This is my biggest complaint and it is not necessarily a function of the phone but buyers beware! No the vmware work around is not a viable solution in my opinion. While it is cool that someone figured this out, installing another operating system in a virtual machine just to hotsync and install apps can hardly be called a work around lol.

As far as BT goes I haven't used it enough to give an honest opinion. I delayed going to the first treo with BT because I read and heard about all of the problems. Some people have said that they can hear me fine and others have said that there is a lot of distortion on the phone. I had no problems syncing the BT, which was one of the models Sprint carries.

I would suggest keeping as many apps out of the ROM and store them in your card. I noticed after moving a ton of apps temporarily before moving them to my card, the treo slowed down tremendously. I had 40% free ROM and it took forever to open applications and navigate through the menus. Lesson learned, sync a handful at a time especially if they are large then move them to your card.

I was pleased that most of my favorite apps/games that worked on my treo 600 work just fine on the 755p with the exception of Noviremote. After looking at their website they currently do not support the 755 infrared device - ah darn there goes my fun of changing the tv in the work cafeteria and folks wondering who is doing it

I guess overall I am pleased with this device, especially coming from a 600. As many others have posted I'm not sure if it's worth upgrading if you have the 700.

However the entire schlock about not supporting x64 XP and Vista is crap. Geez how long has 64 bit operating systems been around? Counting linux, many years. 64 bit xp has been around at least 2 years. Come on Palm it's not that hard to re-write your APIs to support 64 bit O/S. It's my fault I should have researched this aspect more, if I had I would have kept on truckin with my 600 until it was supported.