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    OK, getting ready to get an 8GB card and it seems to me a lot of people have luck with Transcend (will be doing the hack for the 700p...well, if putting a file on it can be called a hack ;-)

    Anyway, I notice they have a class 6 only in the 8GB, but in the 4GB they have both a normal class 6 AND a 150x class 6.

    I thought in SDHD the class speeds were minimum (class 2 does 2mb/s, class 4 4, etc.).....where does the 150x come in in comparing the class 6 4gb vs the class 6 4gb 150x.

    Or put another way, do I want to wait for a class 6 150x 8GB or just go with the class 6 8GB that is not 150x???
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    The Class ratings only specify the WRITE speed minimum to an EMPTY card. The 150x designation is Transcend's marketing department trumpeting their maximum READ speed. So the normal Class 6 card is just making no marketing promises about its maximum READ speed. These cards are too new to have comparison tests done (at least I couldn't find any, beyond this semi-recent ExtremeTech article), so there's no way to know, short of testing them yourself, to know if the 150x card is really any better than the regular card. Probably more to the point, if you only use the card in the Treo, you may see no difference in performance at all.
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    Thanks! My main concern was that the speed dif between class 6 normal and class 6 with marketing 150x lingo would be the same as I experienced between a transcend 150x 1GB vs a generic sandisk 1GB....but I doubt if there is a speed difference there it will matter. Nor on the Treo like you say!

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