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    So, I've noticed that the SMS "Message" application in the Treo
    maintains a history list in the To recipients of what you have typed,
    yet, it does not appear to provide a way to clear/erase/excise that

    The reason you would want to be able to do that is to ensure
    that a typo did not overwrite the ability to call up an address-book
    entry of the same name.

    Anybody know if the SMS Message application in the Treo has that
    capability. Perhaps I just can't find it.

    Thanks ahead,

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    Stuart, try using the "purge" option in the application's menu...

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    No you have to use a file manager to edit that list.

    Open Filez
    Look for addresslib-recent (something like that) file and click EDIT
    It should then pop up a list of 10 numbers starting at 0 and going to 9
    Click on the one you want to delete (off to the right you will see the numbers in HEX and Dec)
    Then hit delete.

    Now that number is out of your history.

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