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    Have there been any updates or rumors concerning when Verizon will offer the the 755? I'm ready to unload my 700P brick.

    I went to check out the 755 at a Sprint store.
    I really like the improved feel and shape, no protruding antenna, and lighter weight.
    The improved and enlarged speaker is a big plus.
    The screen on the 755 seemed to have richer colors.
    Also I was able to do a soft reset on my 700P and the 755 at the same time to compare their rebooting speed. The 755 was substantially faster in its reboot.

    With the higher capacity batteries that Seidio will soon have available the 755 will be irresitible compared to the 700P. Does anyone have any hunch or inside source on Verizon's 755 plans?
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    I am also itching to know when VZW will release the 755P. I've seen nothing on or the; these two sites have been my main sources for upcoming releases--but nothing so far.

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