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    Is there an app that once my switch to vibrate is slid to that option that allows me to toggle vibrate on and off?

    Im pretty sure I can drill into my prefs and set that up but Im looking for something thats more straight forward than that. Something that I can just go to and turn on or off vibrate as I choose once Ive slid the switch to it?

    I also looked in Butler but I dont see the option there either.

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    I thought thats what the slider switch is for, to toggle on and off the vibration. I believe all Treos come with that vibration set to on for default when sound is off.
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    fair enough, I wasnt clear Im sorry.

    I want to not only turn off the vibration but have no alarm sounds either.

    To silence everything.

    Heres the problem,

    When I turn the slider, to vibrate, when Im asleep the vibrate still wakes me up.

    I want the darn thing to shut up sometimes!!! hahaha.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
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    Ohhhh ok, well, yeah thats in the preferences as well, just have vibrate to never. I haven't heard of an app that mutes all but then again I never really did need such an app. Let me see...Nope, couldn't find anything like that. Seems like preferences is the way to go for now.
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    I think that Profilecare will do what you want.

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