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    Does anyone know if Treo Launcher will be updated to work with 700p? I read were you could use some Lucus program to remap the keys and make it work, but I like to use the keys how they are set up now. I have only used Zlauncher in the past but gave up because I wanted a simpler more intuative Launcher and I was told the next best Launcher is Treo Launcher, but that it would not work on my 755p.

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    I was just thinking about getting this new Treo Launcher for my 755p, but I didn't know it didn't work right on it. So when is the update coming?

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    It won't stay as a default launcher, and I can't get to view my SD card...
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    I don't think Horace is working on the app at all. It may be worth it to inquire if he would make available or sell or license the code to someone willing and able.
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    There have been too many changes in my life recently.

    One of the big (but not the biggest yet) changes is I have a new job and I will move to a new city. It has been 14 years since my previous new job ;-)

    So please forgive me not participating in the forum and halting the Treo Launcher development for long.

    To be frank, I feel like I am in front of a crossroad when I open the Treo Launcher source code recently. Yes, there are quite some urgent bugs needed to be fixed and a few obvious enhancements to be completed. However, to move Treo Launcher to the next level, I expect a major reconstruction of some basic codes. One example, Treo Launcher lost some speed since supporting applications on card. To speed up, Treo Launcher should build a cache for applications on card (similar to applications in main memory). Now, the cache is done by the system launcher and Treo Launcher saves a lot of work by using the system launcher application cache. That is also the reason why we need to Menu-L after installing new apps and manage categories via the system launcher but not within Treo Launcher.

    I am not sure whether I can afford the time and effort needed for such undertaking. So I just dare not to start (the new version).

    - status report 07/05/01 ;-)
    That's the last anyone's heard from Horace.
    Hopefully he'll be back shortly.
    I love this launcher, and use it as my default.
    I have a 755p,
    and though there are some bugs with the launcher,
    I still love it way more than the default. =]

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    I used Butler to map the home key to Treo Launcher on my 755 and it is working fine for me
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    What about the SD card, how can I view/ the apps on it? Via Treo Launcher of course
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    I just bought it yesterday for my wife's 755p since is very simple and clean. I already have Resco Explorer, so that takes care of one issue. LudusP forces Treo Launcher to be the default launcher.
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