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    Sprint canceled my service on Saturday morning "by mistake".
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    what is the ## code that allows you to go in and manually reinitiallize the vision connection?
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    I might be on to something here. how many of us are useing the stock i.m. ? gonna do a selective restore omiting sprints tired attemp at an i.m. Verichat, are u listening? might be time for a comeback.....
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    Bad news guys... I have a friend who works at a sprint store... He brought home 3 working perfectly 755p's... No error 3000 or anything...

    I synced my stuff to them... and guess what... error 3000's out the wazoo...

    I started my phone from scratch and guess what... No problems...
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    wouldn't that be a good thing? sounds to me like you have a probelm somewhere on your phone with 3rd party software or something along those lines.

    If I had that problem I would be glad that its not the service and that it was something that you can fix.
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    i just meant bad news... in that all of our problems might not be sprints fault...
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    I have been plagued with this problem on my 755P - exactly as described here:

    - First attempt to connect usually fails
    - Second attempt usually works
    - Lots of "Error 3000: Data service is unavailable in this area" error messages

    After spending several hours on the phone with advanced tech support over the last two days, I've finally got it solved.

    The good news: It's Sprint's fault.
    The bad news: You have to wade through to someone at advanced technical support at Sprint to get it fixed.

    Here's what the problem is:

    Sprint's systems set up the data connection incorrectly. While the billing part of the system show you have EVDO and 1X both, another operational part of the system thinks you should not have access to EVDO. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing.

    When you connect to Power Vision, the phone can "see" an EVDO signal, it knows (through provisioning) that it is allowed to use EVDO, so it first attempts EVDO. Sprint's system denies the connection (well, it doesn't really deny it, it just disallows it). Your phone will either drop back and try a 1X connection (which will succeed), or will just give up and give you the "3000 Data service unavailable" error. The second time you try, the phone knows EVDO didn't work, so it goes right for 1X, and the connection works fine.

    How did they fix this? The tech support guy deleted my phone from their system entirely and put it in from scratch, telling it I should have full data with both EVDO and 1X. A half hour of work on his end, another provisioning on the phone's end, and hey presto - everything works perfectly, the first time, every time! I have been using the phone for hours since, and have not had a single error - and the Power Vision connections are SO MUCH faster - a couple seconds instead of 10-15 seconds.

    I just figured I'd get this information out there for people who are impossibly frustrated by this error.
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    Just canceled my internet service after screwing around since August of last year.

    Connection errors and timeouts. Spoken to sprint 6-8 times over the past months. Just finished driving 45 mins. to a local Sprint store, they said they "fixed it". It worked for about 30 mins. then quit, and right back to the old connection issues. Called Sprint, said I would just like to switch over to a 700wx, since this seems to be a Palm OS specific issue. The one lady told me that may be ok, insurance lady said no. They said they could charge me $50, and send me another 700p, but telling from these responses, it will just be present in the new one. Hence, the reason for me wanting to switch platforms. Well, anyways, she said there is no way to switch platforms, "I can just send you a refurbed version of what you have". I said no thanks. Called Sprint, said cancel. Got whoever, said I would like to cancel the internet on both phones. No resistance from them at all. So I am now sans Internet on my phones, not like I had it before, and I am seriously contemplating taking that refurbed unit, then canceling my insurance, and go with a new vendor for insurance. All I want to do is make a lateral move to a WX, and the insurance is not budging.
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