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    Hopefully, I won't jinx myself, but I haven't seen the problem this week, whereas for the past 2 weeks, I would see it every day.

    I have made no changes in my daily usage - hopefully, they are slowly working this bug out of the system.
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    never had the 755p not connect on the first try......
    NO non-stock comms programs installed
    Scott K
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    I haven't had the connect problem for several days now. My guess is that Sprint has at least partially addressed the issue here in K.C. without ever admitting a problem in the first place. As long as its fixed, I good :-)
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    it's still a daily + occurance with mine, in NC.
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    I'm still haveing the problem in kc... I'm right by BVNW too... have you done anything to fix it will?
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    I wish I could offer more than empathy, but I'm still problem free in intervention on my part. The thing that bugs me is that it is obviously a problem that has a solution as it "automatically" fixed itself - so if it happens again, I won't have a real solution.
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    this is really starting to become frusrating... sometimes i just wanna throw my phone against the wall... two or three tries to connect every single time
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    The thing is that Sprint cannot fix the problem. It is a problem with the update cdma authenication code that was added to the rom(demanded by Qualcomm), before production. The bad code is also present in the post mr update, to the 700p. the only fix will have to come from Palm, in the form of a patch, or a full rom mr.
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    Alas, here in Allentown, my 755p now connects on the first try and stays connected. (reconnecting and non-connecting issues have plagued me since I got the phone months ago. Not sure what they (Sprint) did but my sanity has been restored. Ahhhhhhh.
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    wish they'd fix mine
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    still bad in nc
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    I can claim the exact same issue. I'm in the Central PA area and even when I know I have data coverage the first attempt fails 90% of the time, with the second try always working. I have a lot of software on my 755p and was considering a hard reset and rebuild (ugh, like I have the time) so for the time I'm just going to live with it.
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    Hard reset won't fix it anyway.
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    Good to know, guess I'll live with it. Chatter always waits till the error clears and then reconnects so it doesn't stop email from getting in.
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    Had the exact same problem, and they had to reprovision my phone. Took a thousand years to get a tech from Sprint, and we had to do a couple of hard resets, but he fixed it finally. Once they did it, the problem went away for good.
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    WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE!.................

    This is long so get a beverage of your choice, a comfy chair, and sit back and relax.....................

    PART I
    I've been having this problem for over 1 1/2 years with no resolution in sight. The problem started as soon as I went from the Treo 650p (Vision) to the 700p (Power Vision). So, what has Sprint done for me? Well for starters, for having the Error 3000 on every other connect for almost a year with the 700p, they swapped it out for a brandy, dandy new 755p. Problem is that out of the box the NEW 755p had the same problem.

    Well after a few calls to support a month later they decided to send me another 755p. Know I've already been on the phone with: Customer Support, Treo Support, Treo Support Level II, Engineering. I/We punched codes, did resets, had my phone number changed 5 times in a weeks period, changed Power Vision user names 5 times, lost my e-mail address that I had for 5 years previous and so on. Sprint want to send me another 755p!

    [side note:Now one thing I have learned from being with Sprint for almost 7 years is that they will lie through their teeth without the blink of an eye. From them saying one thing on a call to not entering notes on your account that they say they are doing. It has happened to me more than once! Twice, three strikes I'm out out of Sprints life!]

    Throughout all the testing a BS that I've been going through with Sprint trying to get this fixed, everyone involved is 100% sure it is not the phone. So why do they want to give me another one at this point? So I talk to the Retentions dept and explain my situation and she looks at my account and just says "WOW!". I explain support want to send me another phone and I would rather just cancel my account at this point. I explain that during the course of one "testing/trouble shooting/etc" I was on the phone for almost 14 hours betwen Friday night, part Saturday and then Monday. I asked if we could make a deal that if I took yet another phone and still had the problem I could get out of my contract with no early termination fee. THEY HAD ACTUALLY AGREED TO IT! Well get the 755p and guess what, same 3000 error every other time like the previous three 755 p's and 1 700p. Well I had it. Call Sprint and explain same problem I want to cancel. Guess what happens? I'm told I would be charged an early termination fee!!!!!! I said look at the notes on my account that was put there by representative johndoe42132.


    "Sorry, nothing there in the notes about that conversation or agreement sir". Here we go again. At this point I figured it's time to play the what I like to call is the "Sprint hangup and Call again" tactic. See, depending on who you get from Sprint depends on what answer you get, what type of discount you get, whether you get an honest answer, or whether you're fed a line of Bullcrap.

    Well I didn't have time to spent on the phone so I waited a few days and called back. Lo and behold I get a "good one" on the phone. I explain the past problems over the last 1+ (This is probably the 1000th person from Sprint I had to explain it too by now) and how I was told about now paying the early termination fee, etc. She tells me "OK, that won't be a problem if you want to cancel. I see it here in your notes". Hmmm, interesting?

    OK, cancel my account! I said I've had enough of phone number changes, error 3000's, lies, 5 hour phone calls to support, and the billing problem that has happened over the last 3 months. OH WAIT! I DIDN'T MENTION THAT?

    Seems that my account that was heavily discounted seemed to be loosing those discount mount by month. I was paying $49 for 550 mins, nights at 6pm, Power Vision, 500 text msgs. Well by the time of this last phone call I was paying $89+.

    -Done. "Thank you for using Sprint is there anything else I can help you with today?"- I had several suggestions in mind but none would have ever happened. Especially over the phone.

    5 minutes after hanging up I was devastated. When the billing cycle ended I would be without my trusty Treo 755p. I would almost miss seeing that "Error 3000" message every time. Oh well things would be better, other carriers had Treos that I could get. Well I went to Verizon, AT&T, and even AllTel. WHAT WAS I NUTS! I JUST CANCELED MY SPRINT ACCOUNT AND AM GOING TO BE PAYING DOUBLE FOR 2/3 OF WHAT I WAS GOING TO BE GETTING AND STILL NOT HAVE THE 755P! Well there was only one thing to do. Call Sprint and give them a story and see if they would activate my account as well as give me back my discounts. Long story short (if that's possible at this point) they did.
    I had my 500 txt msgs back, I had my nights at 6pm back, I had my Sprint/Sprint calling back, I HAD MY "ERROR 3000" BACK!!!!!!!

    Oops, I think I spoke to soon. I get a voice message from the engineering dept. telling me to take my Treo to a Sprint store and swap it out for another new one. WHAT?????? Listen, At this point I decided to live with the "Error 3000" and especially for what I am paying. I just stay connected to data all the time and I've only missed one call in 6 months doing it this way. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE UNLIMITED DATA TO DO THIS!!!! So I figure there is no way I'm even going to bother spending 2 hours in a Sprint store waiting to swap it out knowing it's not going to fix a thing. Well 3 weeks go by and guess what? I drop the phone and take a pretty good chunk out of one corner. Hmmm once again. Maybe I should listen to Sprint Engineering and go to a Sprint store and swap it out. So after 2 hours they swap my phone with no problems. The girl even tells me they are going to waive the $37 fee they normally charge on a swap. Wha-wha-what? Thanks for waiving it but I wasn't going to pay it anyway (wanna bet?). It wasn't my idea to swap the phone out! So I have now my 4th Treo 755p. Take it home, charge it up and play around for about a half hour. Go to connect to the web and guess what? "ERROR 3000". I laughed and went on my merry way..........................

    My next bill comes and I just laugh. $649 charge for the Treo and a credit. $37 activation fee!! and my monthy bill of $90...... Oh jeez, here we go again.
    Go through the usual circus hoops of calling Sprint and get to the Retention again finally. Explain just went on about how I should not be paying the $37 because it wasn't my idea to swap the phone again, and why is my bill so high when I was just told a few weeks ago that I would get my original discount back. Well I got one of the "BAD ONES" this time. She proceeds to tell me the following: There is no way I would pay what I was paying no matter who told me on the last call. I would not need to pay the $37 fee. So I said screw this cancel my account. Now we are back to the early termination fee. I tell her to look at my account and see that that was agreed to. She sees it and tells me it is no longer valid because uit has been longer then 30 days with this new phone number. It's another Wha-wha-what moment. I go on to tell her that I DIDN'T REQUEST A NEW NUMBER. SPRINT SUPPORT/TREO SUPPORT/ENGINEERING CHANGED THE NUMBER NOT ONLY ONCE BUT 5 TIMES. JUST LIKE I AM NOT PAYING THE $37 FEE I AM NOT PAYING THE EARLY TERMINATION FEE FOR SOMETHING I DID NOT REQUEST OR WAS DONE BY SPRINT! Well this "bad one" wasn't budging! After a few choice words I just told her I was going to call back and hope to get a "good one" and she said I could try that.

    I DID! And I got a sweetheart. Credits on my account for the overcharge for the last three months, $37 credit for the last phone swap AND she put all the credits I had on my account that I had for the previous 2 to 3 years. As of this writing my account online seems to be correct still. A few more days and it's a new cycle. Should be interesting.

    Sprint sux, not so much the phone service itself as I very rarely get a dropped call. But the Support is just brutal. And Oh, BTW, I still get the Error 3000. This is out of the box with no 3rd party apps. My brother has the same phone as well as a co-worker. We put them side by side and I'm the only one who gets the error. Just like the original topic poster. i f I try to connect 1000 times, I will get the error 500 times with out fail. My brother and co-worker have never gotten the error 3000. I get the error no matter where I am. I can be in Florida, PA, NY, or NJ and I still get it.
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    Scrote makes some good points about Sprint. What really bugs me to no end is the fact they apparently have no way at all to PUT INTO WRITING the "contract" that you agree to over the phone. It's ALWAYS a recipe for disaster, never seen an exception.

    Basically you agree to a contract and terms and what will be included, say your 'goodbyes' and go on with your life.

    1) A month later you get your invoice, and it has major or minor errors.
    2) You call and talk with Sprint for 1-2 hours fixing up the problems and getting the credits, say 'goodbye' and go on with your life.
    3) A month later you get your invoice, and it has major or minor errors, plus a lot of unitemized credits due to the screwups fixed the previous month.
    4) (Repeat steps 2-3 for the next half year...).

    I don't necessarily blame the reps, I think they're usually doing the best with the crappy software Sprint gives them. But if the software is so bad it consistently takes about 6 months to get an accurate invoice EVERY TIME you agree to a contract, then Sprint has some problems to address.

    A simple fax or email option for contract agreements would save me well over 10-15 hours of phone calls to Sprint's CS each contract I deal with. In 2007, there's absolutely no legitimate excuse for purely oral contracting of cell agreements.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    Oh Lord, I'm am scared to say this. Knock on wood, knock on wood. But maybe I am just dropping powervision in bad signal areas now. Before it didn't matter if I was 5 feet in front of the tower. It would still drop a thousand times. But lately it seems to only drop in real bad reception areas, or when switching to roaming. Man, now that I've said this, the problem will come back ten fold.
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    My power vision has been dropping like crazy for a week now.
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