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    Well, I have to be the bearer of bad news about these two products. They are horrible. Let me tell you about each.

    The Seidio extended battery (1300mAh) for my 680 has never given me more than 1 hr talk and barely makes it through an 8 hr day on standby. When I first received the battery, I charged it completely, just as I did the Palm batteries. I get a huge amount of life out of the Palm branded batteries, and now the Seidio just sits there. As far as I can see, it is totally worthless.

    I was elated to see a "car kit" for the 680, and ordered the 4300. All I needed was a charging holder for the phone. Now, car kits come with mounting plates, brackets, etc, as well as a cord to wire into the vehicle's electrical system. (I have been installing mobile equipment since 1972, I *THINK* I know what I am doing...)

    Well, professional car kits do. Not the Seidio! The plastic plate is so poorly made that it cannot be tightened down using lock washers or lock nuts withut splitting. In fact on one side of the screw holes, there is virtually NO plastic, and when you tighten the mounting screws down, the head of the screw (which you have to provide) pops through the plastic. In other words, you can't have a secure mounting plate.

    The power cord for a car kit is normally a two or three conductor straight cable made to tie into the vehicle's electrical system. In the case of Seidio, they give you - get this - a cigarette lighter adaptor. Of course, it is not a standard plug, and they don't tell you the voltage. I called tech support at seidio, one tech said it was 12VDC, another said it was 5VDC. Well, I got out my trusty multimeter to check it out. The point is, ...a cigarette lighter adaptor? (FYI, it is 12VDC)

    Right now, I am awaiting a call from their manager to get a properly designed plate, one that will at least hold a screw down.

    So far, I have to say a big ZILCH on Seidio products...right now I am 0 for 2 and that is not how I like spending my money. I guess I should have bought the Palm car kit. I just don't need a speakerphone. And I really don't want to spend $199

    I am sure many of you have had great success with their products, but the company's lack of response, and shoddy product quality leaves me wondering.

    I will keep you posted on here as to what they ultimately do.

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    Perhaps you bought the wrong kit. I know for the 700w/wx they make both a direct connection to be wired into the car and a cigarette lighter version for people who don't want to muck with their wiring.
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    I contacted Seidio about the issues. They DO have a hardwire cable available FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST. They really should give you the OPTION on the power cable - a hardwire or Cig Lighter. It came with all kinds of mounting options, which I didn't need, threw most of them away; all I neneded was the AMPS compatible plate. That plate however, it a really poorly designed item. If you tighten down the screws, so it is not loose on the plate, it breaks!

    They really should have a "customize" otion - the actual cradle is $X, mounting options, wireing options. I think that would have been the best way. So now, a $49 cradle has jumped to $66. This keeps up, I could have purchased the $199 kit from Palm!

    Seidio has contacted me on, and I emailed them a photo and comments. I also addressed the battery issue with them. I hope they will do the right thing and help me out, but only time will tell....

    Thanks for your comments!

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