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    I know the Palm OS doesn't truly do multi-tasking.
    I have used Palms for years and understand the concept of how they operate.

    That said, I am pushing my 700p to it's limits sometimes by running pTunes and Mobile XT. My question is if I take a call while either or both of those apps are running - how can I easily bring them to the foreground again?

    I have had to navigate back from the dialpad to the Launcher, then locate and relaunch the app.

    Is there an easier way?
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    Try installing the recent apps app from the 755p... follow this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ink883 View Post
    Try installing the recent apps app from the 755p... follow this thread.
    Very excellent.
    I stumbled through the copy process but it works well.

    I read the other threads on the 755 ROM, has anyone cataloged them and noted which are supported on the older hardware (700p for me)?
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    Technician has a feature that let's the phone call pop up in front of your current application. If you ignore, or when you finish the call the popup goes away and you are immediately back in the program you were in before the call.
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    You can also use accessorizer with DALauncher. It allows you to launch an app, do whatever you're doing press the home key and return to the original app. It's not multitasking but it's pretty useful when you want to look up a phone number or connect to a VPN, etc.
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    can also use accessorizer with sub-launcher, hold down a specific trigger and it will load up your launcher, and when u are done u hit trigger again and it takes u back to previous program uninterrupted
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    I followed ink883's advice and now I can toggle between my most recent apps like mad. I wonder how they were able to get a 755p rom so quickly and we can't even scratch at the 700p rom yet?
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    My understanding from what I've read is a ROM dump can be done easily. The problem is being able to manipulate that rom and reflash the device.
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