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    Im wondering does A2DP support mono as well?

    Heres my reason or question, if and when Palm EVER decides to incorporate this into a Treo, Im curious if we will be able to 1) listen to audio books via a regular BT headset and 2) will we be able to listen to music/movies (insert player here) over a regular headset?

    If A2DP isnt the answer what do they need to program or include for Treos to be able to do this?
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    Check out this Softick Forum thread for the Softick team's troubles.

    From my understanding of the profiles, I'd say you're looking at the problem from the wrong direction. The headsets that you are thinking about (the single ear headsets that were designed for making and receiving calls) only support the Headset and/or Handsfree profiles, so to communicate with that headset, you'd have to send/receive all the data using one of those profiles. These two profiles weren't designed for this alternate purpose although the Softick team has tried (and thus far failed) to creatively re-purpose the profile.

    Even if Palm were to add the A2DP profile capability, it would still have to communicate with a device that supported that profile, which currently is only on Stereo Headset devices (which often also support the AVRCP, the Headset, and the Handsfree profiles). Theoretically there could be a market for some manufacturer to "simply" add the A2DP profile into their standard headsets, but I think most manufacturers believe that if they're going to take the step of implementing the A2DP profile, then they ought to design it into a stereo headset (which certainly makes logical business sense).

    There's nothing to stop you from taking any of the existing stereo headsets and turning them into a mono headset. It would then be capable of doing what you want ... except you probably want to use your existing headset, right? In that case, the only hope is for someone to write some software to re-route the audio stream through the Headset/Handsfree profile (like Softick has tried).
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    yeah Im figuring its more of a headset issue than a handheld issue.

    Also yse, I have a set of stereo A2DP AVRCP enabled BT headphones, they have a mic on them but I dont feel like wearing a set of cans all the time. hahahaha.

    Im just asking for those rare times Im trying to burn off some time and all Ive got is my "normal" BT earpiece. Im hoping that eventually someone will come up with a way to stream audio (music or books etc) to those mono ear pieces we all carry.

    Thanks for your post, theres a lot of good info in it.
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