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    Ok, so I bought a 755p last week and had an issue receiving SMS from cingular peeps. Nobody at sprint knows why this is happening and Ive wasted 5 hours of my life with sprint cust service on this (6 calls at 40-45 min each!). I cannot believe how long it takes to speak with a human when calling customer service. I have never had a carrier that took that long. wow. well, im done. anyone else feel my pain?
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    Thats what you have to expect with how little the local stores can do for us now when they want pretty much all problems to go through *2.

    I was sitting at my local store yesterday getting my 700P tested and within 10 mins saw 2 customers come in expecting a replacement phone for a pos phone they had and all the CSR could say is that they can't do that at the store level, that has to come from customer service *2... Even though *2 was the ones that told these two customers to go to the local store for a replacement.

    It seems that sprint has just gotten too big and really doesn't care about its customers anymore... I don't understand why they don't take care of there customers at the store level like they used too.. it was alot easier.
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    Takes me about 45 seconds to get to a human when calling CS.

    Call retentions with your texting problem. They're more likely to get you somewhere.
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    That's the Sprint that I remember. I could not stand it any longer.
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    what's retentions?
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    If you get texts from ever other network then it sounds like a problem with that persons network.

    Call *2 then 1 for english 3 for tech support 2 for PDA's. I never wait more than 20 mins usually I get someone within 5 mins.
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    Feeling the OP's pain here. I was only with sprint for 14 days, but man did those 2 weeks suck.

    5 - 20 minutes for a I NEVER (no exageration) wait for longer than 30 seconds for VZW customer service. T-Mo was always as good or better.
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    Go ahead and try this number out

    1-866-588-9907 for tech support. I used to have the direct number to level 3 tech support but it no longer works.
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    Maybe I am lucky, but I have never held that long with Sprint. However, I did hold longer than that back when I was with Cingular. I am so happy I moved away from them to Sprint.
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    For non-tech issues like billing problems, you can send them an email (from their web site).

    No waste of time holding and you have an email trail of your communications which might eliminate you have to tell your story all over to a second or third rep.
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    Once you get you options and bill straight Sprint is really good. I just dread having to call them for anything. Generally I go straight to Retentions for results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY View Post
    Once you get you options and bill straight Sprint is really good. I just dread having to call them for anything. Generally I go straight to Retentions for results.
    MarkY, I agree with you here.
    But listen to what happen to me last week. I renewed my 2 yr plan to buy my new 700p last June. That took 2 call to sort out what I agreed to on the initial purchasing call.
    Then no issue untill I got my last months bills. It was $70 more than usual. They had changed my plan. No explanation, nothing.
    So after several calls (on hold once for 1 hr and 10 mins) and explaining my situation over and over, I decided to use the email process I described in my above post.

    Their plans are reasonably. Their telephone CS sucks big time.
    Anyway, I was lucky, since the change of plan resulted in an amount the got my attention.
    Good Luck
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