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    I have dealt with MANY MANY MANY treos over the last 3 yrs.. from the 600, 650, 700 (both P, W, and WX), 750 and now the 755...

    I must say that this is the MOST VIBRANT LCD there is.

    Palm must have changed their supplier, or mfg because the LCD is dam bright! (I always run it at max brightness on my other Treos, but for my 755< i have to tone it down).

    Also, the colors, specifically Yellow is MUCH MORE vibrant then my old 700
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    Trim I am with you. I think the display looks much better than my 700wx. I was thinking it was more due to the better resolution but do agree, the colors are more vibrant and the contrast and brightness is very good. I actually have never even messed with anything but the default settings for the display (no need to tweak brightness!)
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    that's great news. I thought the 700p display was somewhat dull, especially when comparing it side by side with my 1rst gen 650.
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    Yes, the colors are very vivid and crispy on the 755p. I don't think a ROM update for the 700p will fix that

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    How can a Liquid Crystal Display be even more crystal?

    Sorry couldn't resist.
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    agreed, 755 LCD is beautiful.
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    I found that my 700p had better brightness and much better color rendition. The 755p screens have a slight yellow tint to them.
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    do you have another 755P to compare to?

    I have seen and handled lots and lots...and lots (about 10,000 plus units) in my treo lifetime.

    I am without a doubt sure the 755P has a better LCD display then any others.
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    I agree, look at this actual pic of my screen...
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    I have to agree with Trim81 (although I've only handled my 5 650s and my 2 755s ) but that's the first thing I great the color of the photos are on the 755.
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    The LCDs look more yellow than the 700p. I only compared two 755p to my 700p.
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    If you got a new treo 700p replacement in the past few months they have a more vibrant screen as found on the 755p vs the early 700's.
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    I concur.
    Before my 755P arrived my co worker told me that he read somewhere that the 755p screen was much sharper.
    When I got it, it was the first thing that I notice.
    I watch movies on my Treo with TCPMP (free movie player) and it looks so much sharper. Like comparing UHF tv to HD TV. lol
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    did he just say UHF
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    Was just comparing my 700P screen to that of a 680 and first thing I noticed was how much better/clearer the WP's I make looked on the 680 compared to on my 700P. I tried to turn up the brightness on the 700 to see if I could make it comparable but it just made it look washed out a bit.
    Now I want a 755 just for the clearer/sharper screen!!
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    I agree the colors are beautiful, watching movies, anime, playing games, look so new again with this screen. Simply awesome.
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    Oh yeah, big difference, theres a difference between all 3 of them, the 650, 700 and the 755p just takes the cake. Very sharp, crisp.
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