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    I just got my 755p,
    upgraded from a 700p.

    I had a 1gb SD card in my 700p,
    but I have no MiniSD card yet for my new phone.
    Don't have the $ right now.

    Anyways -
    I'm curious is there any way to receive an image,
    and have it be saved to my phone?

    I tried the Sprint Rumkin Uploader,
    and it just shows me the image I want through a URL,
    can't save it.

    I tried emailing myself the photo,
    [I just use Versamail],
    couldn't save it.

    Idkkk what else to do.
    I need some images though,
    so that I can use them as wallpaper.

    Any ideas?

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    If you had all the photos on your 700 you can probably go to your Palm Desktop software and open the Media part. On one side will be the photos from the card. If you highlight the ones you want you can copy them to the other side. Then click on the hotsync icon down near your clock and click on custom. Then change the media to desktop overwrites handheld (it will only do it the one time) and then hotsync. They should end up on your handheld.

    If that doesn't work you can always go to "my computer" to the C: drive to "program files" then "palmone" then your username. Open the "photo" file and then the "BackupForInternal" and paste all the photos you want into there. Follow the hotsync instructions above and that should work as well. Sounds more complicated than it is.
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    off topic:

    Juicy, why do you always type your posts like that? (1/2 way cut down)

    --just wondering
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    I don't know why I do it that way.
    I explained this in another post.
    It's just habit.

    Guess it sets me apart from others on these boards, eh?

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    I have the same issue and my HotSync never successfully backed up the hundreds of photos I have on my SD card. I am now beaming all my albums from my 650 to my 755p and will then upload them to the Sprint site.

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    I got done what I wanted to accomplish.
    Thanks all. =]

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