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    I am using Mundu ver 4.0.0 (build 10511) and really like it. However when I am in background mode I get logged out of MSN alot. That is the main service I use. Anyone else experiencing this problem???

    I am running a Treo 680.
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    Here's a link to build 10543 (post 8). I think it has some fixes for the 680. Also, another trick that helps some people is to always make sure mundu is the first app launched that uses a data connection. Basically shut down chatter or any other app using a data connection. Launch mundu then re-open the other apps. This has something to do with the way mundu uses sockets supposedly.
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    I am using Mundu 4.0 build 10532 and it stays logged in till VersaMail does it's Autosync thing.

    Then Mundu 4.0 will auto connect again.

    In Mundu 4.0 Options/Preferences/Login scroll down to Auto connect when disconnected and make sure it is check marked. Then Mundu will auto connect again...

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    I think he means with MSN specifically. My msn logs out automatically while the others stay logged in. I have 700P

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