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    Oh wizards of the forum...a little help please.

    Here is the deal...I am approaching max memory on my T650. A meg or two of space left and yes I have moved some of the big pig apps that I like but don't use that often to the SD card.

    That said, I use "info" or FileZ and see what seems like a heap of files to which I have no idea what the hell they are and suspect that at least some of them are relics from software I tried and deleted etc.

    How can I figure out what I need and what is crapola?

    Please be nice and explain what you can in laymens terms if at all a long standing treo user...I am mostly that...a user. Despite my engineering degrees and my wish to tinker...I have found it within my power to not f$# with my treo because it is working.


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    First, sort the files by size. Then you'll know which ones are really taking up space. I found you can often do a google search for files and find out what they are. Also, you can move a lot of the docs to go files to the card by using dataviztech. There are threads about this or do a google search.

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