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    So I haven't been able to really synch my 650 with my outlook for a while, so there's calendar and address book stuff that is no doubt out of synch between them.

    I should be receiving a 755p in the mail very shortly.

    I was thinking...

    What would happen if I:
    1. Did a backup of my 650 with NV Backup
    2. Using my card reader, copied the backup files from the SD card to my new mini-SD card
    3. Installed NV Backup onto the 755
    4. Prior to the intial hotsync, copied the relevant calendar and address book and memo database files from the mini-SD card to the 755p
    5. <strong>Then</strong> did the a hotsync.

    Would the 755p/hotsync process by any chance be able to maybe synch the databases/info based on a sort of last-modified check and synch them? Or does the hotsync process require that they grew out of the same source via the same palm device?

    Does that make sense?

    And if it does...and the answer is yes, that that will work...Can someone provide the relevant databases/files to be transferring from my 650? I've already seen what I expect are the relevant files for transferring the SMS logs/messages from the 700p forum...

    Thanks tons!
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    I would copy your SD card to a temporary folder on your PC's hard drive. Then copy and paste only the file you need onto the mini SD card. AFTER you've done the initial hotsync on the 755, install FileZ and use it to copy the file from the mini SD card to the phone. Then format the mini SD card and put what files you want back on it from your hard drive.
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