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    So over the past few weeks I have been having more and more resets from "contacts" or the phone application. I did a hard reset (3 in the last 2 weeks actually) and it was still doing it. I even got a reset from the "My Treo" application!

    I figured it was just the 700p being the 700p but I went into Sprint to complain anyway. Their response was to do yet another hard reset and put it in what they called an "isolation chamber" to watch it for an hour to see if it reset! ROTHLMAO!!

    I told them that was a complete waste of time but I figured what the heck. I left and came back in an hour. They told me that it had failed to call initiate (?) and that they would replace it. I almost fainted. What are the odds of that - maybe 100 to 1?

    I explained the buggy versamail and bluetooth behavior and requested a 755p. They said they could only replace it w/another 700p unless I wanted to pay for an upgrade. List - $75.

    I have been a customer of SprintPCS since 1996. I think they had one tower in town then - lol. I wonder what retentions would do for me? I really squeezed them hard this time last year to get the 700p. I don't want to reset my upgrade calendar because I want a Linux Treo when they come out. My contract us up next April.

    I guess I will take the new or refurb 700p, wait for the MR and if it doesn't fix my issues I will have a calm chat with retentions.

    What do you think?
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    75 bucks for the upgrade?

    toss them the cash and play with your new toy.


    (i've got a gadget problem...)
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    I would stay with the 700p so it doesnt reset your upgrade counter. I'm not sure if you will keep it if you pay to upgrade to the 755p, and then you can get the linux later! Besides, the MR will put the 700p right on par with the 755p. Thats what I am going to do!
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    That was List$ - (minus) $75. A $75 discount off of $599 or whatever that new 701p (lol) is.
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    Take the 700p wait for the MR...if it's not up to par, go for the $75 upgrade towards the 755....
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    Looking at the "what did your 755p cost" thread in the 755p forum it sounds like retentions is replacing some defective 700p's with 755p's for no charge.

    Would you call retentions and try if it were you? Won't that reset my upgrade timer?
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    If you care about resetting your upgrade timer, wait.

    I don't quite see why you're surprised they want to replace your phone with the same thing, considering they would very likely have more in stock. IIRC, Sprint was replacing borked 650's with 650's still even after the 700 was released...
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    I'm not surprised at all. I think it was 3-5 mos. after the 700p came out that they just started offering.

    I'm just suggesting that since I am getting a replacement 700p anyway now would be the time to ask.

    btw, I would think anyone willing to extend their contract for a $200 upgrade discount should be worried about reseting their timer with a warranty replacement/upgrade. With the 800L or P or whatever coming out sometime between October and May of '08 the 755p will be outdated pretty fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    Take the 700p wait for the MR...if it's not up to par, go for the $75 upgrade towards the 755....
    Software-wise, it will be the same phone. So this would negate everything! Stick with the 700p, keep your Upgrade timer so you can upgrade to the Linux Treo in the near future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Homie View Post

    That was List$ - (minus) $75. A $75 discount off of $599 or whatever that new 701p (lol) is.

    I thought that was list EQUALS 75.

    for list MINUS 75 I'd say "bite me"

    that's no deal at all. even my gadget fix wouldn't kick in for that price.

    You would do better to get a refurb and then sell it imeediately on ebay and take that money to buy a new phone without any strings attached.
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    ^ I agree.

    I have 10 days to pick up the replacement 700p. By then the MR should be out and there should be some user feedback. If it is negative I'll call retentions. If the MR is really good I'll take the 700p and wait for the 800p.

    I put the old antenna on in place of the mini antenna I bought and I must say the phone looks much cooler with the mini. The antenna is so 2004!
    Palms and more Palms till the 700p ruined it for me. Blackberry and now the Pre. Sprint customer since 1994! They had 1 tower in town.
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    ....set of two cans and a string? It would be less buggy and have better reception.

    My replacement 700p from them eliminated my ability to sync my calendar on my work PC.

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