After all the comments about, and experiences with the Seidio 2400mAh extended-life battery and matching battery door from so many TC members...and not all good ones, I thought I would try this unique accessory that claims to be the answer to the too-short battery life of the slim & sexy Palm Treo 680. The problem is, that with the new slimmer body style compared to the Treo 650... also comes, a slimmer battery with virtually half the lifespan capability of the 650. And with most veteran Treo users being more than casual daily users...a lot of them complained about having an almost dead battery before the day was out...not a good thing.

Enter Seidio, a giant among custom accessory manufacturers, serving the smartphone/PDA market...and specializing in innovative products for the Palm Treo lineup of devices. Seidio's engineers introduced the larger, higher capacity 2400mAh battery a couple of months ago along with a "hump-back" battery door to cover it...initially only available in Graphite, but now available in all the other Treo 680 colors as well. I chose the Crimson model to match the original color of my phone.

After I had seen a tremendous increase in battery life with the standard battery simply by a couple of full-drain/full-charge routines to properly calibrate the battery meter...I thought that I would do the same thing before I came to any conclusions. I had heard from comments on TC how some members had only the same performance...or even worsened performance with the Seidio 2400 battery, and I wanted to make sure I gave it a proper chance to perform...or lay an egg. After two drain/charge sessions...I can truly say that I am able to get over 48-hours on a full charge, and that's with moderate use. I run three email accounts, all auto-syncing every 15-minutes, I leave Bluetooth on constantly so I won't have to mess with pairing to my headset everytime...make and recieve 40-50 calls every day, and surf the web an hour or so daily as well...and still have amazing battery life! I cannot comment on any other members' experiences with this product...but I a can only report that mine has been very satisfactory.

Plus, although the battery door's shade of Crimson is a tiny bit different from the Treo's original's not something that I worry about. And...although at first, the battery door itself didn't quite "click" into place securely, after removing and installing it several has broken in a bit and fits like a glove. And...much to my suprise...I actually like the 4mm "hump" that the battery adds to the phone. It fits the "Palm" of my hand better and I feel like I can hold onto the generally slippery phone better than ever.

So...from personal experience, I can give the Seidio 2400mAh battery a solid thumbs-up!! It does exactly what it is advertized to do..and that is a rare thing with any product. Good product!