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    [SIZE="4"]GoodGuy, have you ever come across the following problem?

    My company uses Lotus Domino for their e-mail server and GoodLink as their mobile e-mail solution. I currently have GoodLink installed on a Treo 650. I don't like Lotus Notes, so I use Outlook with the Microsoft Outlook Connector for Domino, which does a wonderful job of synching e-mail, calendar, etc... with our Domino server.

    Now here's my issue: appointments and meeting requests that I create in Outlook synch with my Notes calendar, but are not being pushed to my GoodLink calendar. I believe it is an issue with the Outlook Connector, because GoodLink will replicate appointments that I create in Lotus Notes.

    I really don't want to use Notes for my calendar and Outlook for e-mail. Do you know how I can get GoodLink to synch properly with Outlook Connector?

    Thanks. I am anxiously awaiting your response...
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    ...I Guess I'm the only person with this problem...
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    I think it's generally harder to hear responses, due to the fact that the GMM for notes is a recent product.

    I would push this through your corporate IT support (if possible)

    Just one thought. the appointments, if you create them in outlook, replicate and then see them in notes... can you edit them in notes and save them to see if they get replicated?
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    I tried that and it doesn't work.

    As you remarked, it's a new product and our IT dept. is confused too.

    I may have to bite the bullet and use Lotus Notes (arrgghh!)

    The push mail, however, functions flawlessly -- messages frequently hit my phone before arriving in my Outlook inbox.

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