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    According to Sprint, the 755p supports the following feature:

    Data Transfer Mode (DTM)

    Set in the default position allows users in an active data session to be notified of incoming voice calls, rather than having them go automatically to voicemail.
    I searched but couldn't find any discussion about this. Does it actually work? I'd like to stream internet radio most of the day while at work, but I'd rather my calls not go right to voicemail. Has anyone tried this out yet?
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    This is what many call "ring through" its just so you don't miss a call while on the net before 3g data all sprint call would go direct to vmail
    yes it work.
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    Yeah I got an idea of what it's supposed to do. I just wanted to make sure it actually works, and wanted to see how well it's worked for other people. I'm getting my 755p today.

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