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    I went to my local store yesterday to have them look at my 700P again for resetting issues that were supposed to be fixed by them giving me a new battery last week but it is still happening.

    So now they are going to replace the phone with another one and it should be coming in a few days. I get home and my 755P is sitting at home waiting for me.

    My questions is should I activate the 755P and when my replacement 700P comes in, just go and exchange it so I have the replacement 700?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has done this and has had any problems with them just exchanging it but not activating the replacement phone?
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    Hey there,

    By no means am I an expert, but have just had almost the exact same situation.

    On the Sunday before the 755p was released my 700 starting having weird problems.

    I had already decided I wanted a 755 so I ordered one on Monday. The same day my 700 was having more issues, and I wasn't sure how long the 755 would take to get to me. So I went to a local authorized repair center and they ordered me a replacement 700.

    My 755 came on Tuesday. I activated it and then on Thursday they called to tell me my replacement 700 was in. I went it, told them I had bought a new phone, but still wanted the replacement 700 in case I returned the 755 within the 30 days. They had no problem with that, whatsoever. So i left with the "new" 700 not activated.

    So, i don't see that you should have any issues.


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    Great!.. Thanks for the info jam
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    Quote Originally Posted by awayne View Post
    Great!.. Thanks for the info jam
    The only thing I would recommend is if you are using the 755, esn swap back to the 700 before going back to the store. Depending on how strict the tech is to following m&ps, only the active phone is covered. After they do the exchange swap back to the 755, but my having the 700 active at the time of the exchange will make the exchange smoother.

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