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    Sometimes the SMS inbox has a bug in displaying SMS contacts.

    For instance, say I am going through my threaded message with Jane, who is in my contacts. Usually it looks like this:

    Jane: text message here...
    Me: text message here...

    However, I've no idea why sometimes, I go back to that thread message and all of a sudden, Jane's name has been replaced with her number so it looks like:

    555-555-1234: text message here...
    Me: text message here...

    It's doing that to a few of my contacts actually, and not only "Jane's." I know it's minor, but it's still annoying.
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    same thing here. Just noticed it a few days ago. Not a big deal, just odd...
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    Yes, I've noticed the same thing, and personally I find it very annoying.

    Here's what I have figured out:

    * If you have a Favorites button to message the person, when you press that button their number will appear in Messaging rather than their name

    * If you go to contacts, highlight the number and press the Message button, their name (from Contacts) will appear in Messaging

    * When you receive a message from the person, if you have a favorites message button set up for the person, the Label you have set up for that button will display in Messaging, otherwise the name from Contacts will be used

    * Going to Messaging directly will not change what is displayed (whatever was displayed last time will be used)

    Now, this worked fine on my 600, so why did it break on the 755p? Does anyone know a way to fix or workaround this bug?
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    fortunately Palm HAS published a bug fix for this. Go to their site and follow the links labeled, "Centro"
    (at least I laughed and I own a T755p

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