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    I did a search and couldn't find the answer I was looking for, so here goes. I managed to kill my beloved Treo 650 the other day (long story, but the screen and SD port no longer work), so I ordered an unlocked Cingular Treo 650 from eBay (he has over 2000 feedback, and 100% positive). I used to have a locked Cingular Treo 650. I had already built a custom ROM (still have it on the SD card ready to load), and was curious about the following:

    Is there anything in the ROM that is tied to S/N or IMEI? Specifically, can I just load my custom ROM as soon as I get it?

    Is the unlocking procedure tied to the ROM? If I do load my custom ROM, will it be locked again? (Not that I really care right now, but if I can save $15 down the road...)

    I think I have two options - 1. Load my custom ROM from the start, hard reset, then reload all my stuff and be back to normal. 2. Update Firmware (possibly) from Palm site, download ROM, re-edit it, then upload it again. Finally reload all my stuff. Obviously, #1 is my preferred option because it takes less time, although I have no desire to brick a brand new (technically a used - "Mint/Like New") phone. Suggestions?

    Oh, and in case anyone is curious why I'm not upgrading - I could get the 650 for cheaper, don't have to give up all my accessories, and I'm holding out for the Linux based Treo!
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    Phrog- I went from one 650 to another and just loaded my custom ROM without problems but this was from one unlocked to another unlocked. You definitely have to make sure the firmware is the same but I'm not sure you can go from locked to unlocked without a problem. I think some have done this but I don't know if there are any special precautions to take. You may just need to use some different search terms for the forums. Something should come up.
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