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    ringo is buggy & so is mring. any other software that allows custom ringtones for sms? meaning when a certain contact texts me they can have a custom ringtone.
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    phone technician lets you do it. only problem i have is that it plays the music file when anoutgoing message is sent as well.
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    Hi Treoneo, what version of ringo are you using? Cos I haven't had any issues with groups or individual ringtones or sms alerts
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    hmmm. well the issue with ringo is it the "default" ringtone won't change when I change profiles. It wil stay on one ringtone. well i change the default tone a lot depending on the profile. anyone else?
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    There is Call Block that also allows you to use custom ring tones. What I do is use a voice recording application such as PRO PAR to record a WAV based announcement. I then import it using MiniTones and then assign the tone to a specific entry using Call Block. I gave up on Ringo long, long ago. VoiceMemo can be used to convert it to a ring tone instead of MiniTones.

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    use lightwav

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