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    Hey guys I just bought the new treo 755p and noticed that the battery is draining fast, for example this morning the charge was at 100% now 9 hours laters it is less than 50% and I have made only one 5min phone call it not even on vibrate, no text, no use of internet though out the day just standby and still the battery is more than 50% gone, any idea why its draining so fast? is there something that is running in the background that sucking up the juice? Thanks for you help.
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    make sure bluetooth is off if your not using it, and then go to power-beam receive off, I think on default mode for treo's this is on...actually for all palm handhelds, also make sure that our not connected to the net as well. Sometimes itjust might be on and forgot to disconnect (hopefully the newer blazer auto-disconnect on exit) Since its brand new I'm sure it will take a few charging cycles to get the full capacity of the battery.
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    Thanks I will turn off bluetooth and beam and see if it makes a difference.
    Thank You.
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    Your welcome, it will make a lil diffrence. It will still seem to drain faster than your old Treo battery because it is a new battery and has to be 'trained' to reach the full capacity. I think I read somewhere on here that it will take from 5-10 charge cycles to reach the full capacity of the battery ( at least I hope that is what I read)
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    OH OK, good to know I will charge it a couple more times and hopefully that takes care of it, thanks for all you help!
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    Your battery is Lithium Ion and has no memory. It starts with it's full capacity when it's made and slowly decreases over time.
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    Actually, the capacity does increase a little as the battery is charged a few times. After a week or so, it'll have its full capacity, assuming you charge it every day.

    We're not talking a huge amount, but it is noticeable.

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    What? Read a little bit about Li-Ion and then repost.
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    I had Headset Control running on my 755P. This program keeps the Treo active so that it can detect button presses. On my 650, I could tell it to shut off after 10 minutes. Since this program isn't compatible with my 755, I think that it kept my Treo running at all times and this lead to poor battery life. Once I deleted the program, I was able to make it through the day with no problem. I bet you have a similar problem. Try a hard reset and running without any additional programs for a day. That might give you a clue where to look.
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    See, I knew it, I should never trust what online stores say about their products.
    Standard Lithium Ion Battery

    This is the part I should flame them about "Note that a new lithium ion battery's full capacity is only achieved after 2-3 complete charge and discharge cycles. Charge the initial 24-hour battery charge with the cell-phone turned off. "
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    There were some fancy answers above and I'm no battery master. I was concerned about the battery life of my new 755 too. Would barely last a day the first time i charged it. But after a few weeks it's improved a lot. I even listen to a local talk radio station for a hour or more. I still have plenty of juice left for calls, etc. for the rest of the day. Hang in there and happy charging.............
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    simple ansewer, the new seidio 210mAh extended battery.

    problem solved.
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