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    Lets have a headcount.
    List of all BT headsets (not cars) that pair and stay connected with the 755p.
    One may recall that this was one of the major drawbacks with the 700p: It drops out. So far no one has addressed this issue.
    So do the most common BT headsets work and how?
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    My Palm Treo BT headset stays paired. It did not with the 700p. Convenient that uses the same car charger as the 755p as well.
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    does it cut off in a few minutes?
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    Nope. I paired it a week ago and haven't had to pair it again since. Unlike the 700p, it even remained paired once I removed it from the car charger.

    I was having lunch at a restaurant today, with my car in sight from where I sat. I went to make a phone call, having left the headset in the car, and was surprised to see that it was still connecting to the headset even from inside.
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    Moto H700 works
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    My Motorola HS820 pairs and remains connected during a call, but after I hang up the call, something gets confused, and the headset won't connect with the phone again. For example, I'll hang up, then take a new call, and I hear the tone in my head set saying it's connected, but I don't hear any audio. Instead, the 755p is sending the audio to the normal speaker.

    To solve the probloem, while on a call, I press the menu button and hit "Connect Bluetooth", and this always makes it work. It's a work around I can live with because it's pretty quick to do, but something isn't right. I can't say if this is the head set, or the phone. This head set works fine on my other bluetooth phones, though.
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    is the bluetooth better on the 755p versus the 700p? or is it exactly the same?

    I have the Jabra JX10 and it works pretty well on my 700p, I was thinking of getting the Samsung WEP200, for it's sleek look and small size. How does it compare in call quality? it is a lot cheaper than the JX10 also!
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    Jabra JX10 has been working great over the past several days. I paired it right at the Sprint store and have not had a problem (knock on wood). Sounds great too!

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