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    can someone explain how to get the SERO plan please? can i go to the store, explain my situation about not wanting to extend my family plan contract, and ask for the SERO plan or do i have to scam them somehow with random email addresses?
    You will have to purchase a new phone on the SERO plan and activate it as a new account on the posted phone number ONLY, you cannot do it at a store. You can't call and just do the one phone, there are no family plans on SERO. I would imagine that if your contract is up on your family plan you can get a new phone on SERO and then when you get it have the phone number changed to the other when you cancel it from the family plan.

    Today, when I called they said that they were Inphonics, not Sprint.
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    Can we sign up for a new SERO plan for the 755P and use this too?
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    Thanks Bassangler.

    Great thread here on SERO

    The first page answers most questions, and you can view the most recent posts to follow the new changes to SERO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scsanden View Post
    Can we sign up for a new SERO plan for the 755P and use this too?

    When my son used SERO for his new phone last year, he filled one of these out and they sent him the $150. We also did the referral thing and both received a $25 Visa giftcard from Sprint! My recommendation to anyone doing SERO: go for it -- all they can do is say no.
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