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    I got a treo 700p for the sprint network. I have a friend that works for verizon that will activate the esn on their network. What I want to do though is basically have the software from the phone whipped out, and put the verizon software on. Is this possible, if I have to pay for this, where do I go?

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    Not at this time
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg View Post
    Not at this time
    anytime soon? Will this may 28th update give me the availability to do so, or should I just sell it. The thing is in perfect condition, so I am sure I can get a good price for it.
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    Did you switch carriers? Or did you find the phone?
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    Neither Sprint no Verizon will activate another companies ESN on their network. When they type in the ESN it will show up as Sprint.
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    Hmmm...well that can't be completely true. For that last two years I have been using a "Sprint" Treo 650 on the Verizon network. Now, I started using it way back in May of '05 when Sprint sold the 650 for a ton cheaper than Verizon did.

    I never quite knew how it worked (bought on Ebay), but it was a Sprint labelled phone on the outside, but all the software was for Verizon and used my Verizon number.

    When I activated it, my number didn't show up at all, so I had to tell them it was a really old phone (some old Kyocera model). They just manually typed the info in.

    The problem being that it had to be a non-digital phone. Now that the networks have gone all digital, these old phones don't work. I doubt the old work around is still legit.

    Now, I couldn't use DATA, but the phone part worked beatifully. I loved it and never had any issues. I just finally decided to upgrade and go to SERO.

    Not sure if this helps, but I just wanted to let you know that it WAS possible at one time.
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    verizon used to activate non verizon esn's. They stopped a while back.
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    The first post says his friend will do it. However if and until we can flash the rom you wont get the software on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akula34 View Post
    Did you switch carriers? Or did you find the phone?

    My friend switched to gsm, and gave me this phone for free.

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