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    So I'm on Verizon and i realized having unlimited data for 45$ a month was a waste because I rarely used it so I cancelled it and also cut my phone off from using the data network so my ***** friends couldn't accidentally go onto the internet with my phone and rack up huge charges with pay as you go data. I try to send a picture text tonight and it won't send at all, so I call verizon and customer service says because it's a PDA it will only send via data and not just use airtime like a regular phone.

    This is a total rip. I have unlimited texts/pic messaging but can't send pics unless I unlock data and pay out the A to send them. What is everyone's view on this?
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    what do you think a picture is... it's data. you want to send data so you have to access the data network. all phones are like this. smart or dumb.

    you blocked the sending of data so you essentially blocked the sending of pics. you can un-block data and you can send pics free of charge(they don't charge for pic data usage). if you're worried about your friends going online don't give them your phone. or maybe get an app like invisible to hide blazer so they can't access it.
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    Yep, all Treos use data to send mms messages, like pictures, videos, etc. Verizon has an expensive data plan, but not as bad as a gsm Treo roaming in Spain. I used about 50megs in a week, downloading emails and browsing the web in tethered mode... roaming data charges were almost $200!
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    I think the OP is refering to ..
    When you create a new text message and its only text (no pic or file) after pressing send you see the data connection start and the % goes like you are sending a pic.
    This does not happen if you reply to a text or start a new text from a favorite.
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    interesting- I never noticed it doing that before- looks like the palm messaging app assumes everything is a MMS at first.

    Maybe there's a 3rd party sms app that will just send plan old texts the correct way?

    that said the OP was talking about an MMS (because he was sending a picture) and if i understand the difference MMS messags are always sent as data- that's what makes them MMS as opposed to the old fashioned SMS text only messages that can only be 160 characters with no pics, sounds, files or anything else.
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    the data usage for a mms is so minimal that I don't mind it.
    I have the pay as you go data and also unlimited txt/pix msg, and if I get charged 2.00 a month (with a lot of mms) I can live with it.
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    Any phone that sends a picture message will need access to the data network. Using minutes from a voice plan is no longer supported by Verizon. By disabling data Verizon made it so that your Treo cannot connect to the data network.

    (If this answer seems a bit too technical I'll be happy to further explain it)
    The technology used to transmit a picture message is different than the technology that is used to transmit a text message. Picture messages use the same technology that your Treo uses to connect to the data network. The text message is sent over a cellular control channel (which is why you can receive a text message while on the phone under currently deployed CDMA technologies). You can send plain text through the data network as well. Doing so is just like sending a picture, minus the picture.

    As was suggested, don't let your friends use your phone. I keep mine locked just for that purpose. Everytime I had any PDA out my friends just had to pick it up and play and prod at everything and refuse to hand it over. The lock screen is an immediate turn off and people just set the device down. I also lock my phones after my brother's friend logged into the text messaging based IM client that was on his prepaid phone and sent a few IMs.

    Also, the Messaging app will only send a picture message in the following events:
    1. The preference "Create new Message as:" is set to "Text and Media (MMS)"
    2. You are replying to a picture message.
    3. You chose Menu->Message->New MMS
    4. You are sending a picture from any application using the "Sent To" dialog with "Messaging" selected.

    Anyway, if you still want to use data (regardless of your friends actions) then Verizon does have an unadvertised $20/month (or so) data plan that allows for 10MB of data transfer.

    I hope this helps.

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