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    Open letter to Vaja Cases:

    Vaja, I besceech you: fix or redesign the nub on your clip cases.
    Please! How hard can that be?

    I've been a Vaja Case owner since my Treo 600 days (late 2003). I can't beleive I waited this long to post this memo.

    Don't want to complain, but...for the umpteenth time my Treo 650 fell out of its Vaja T650 Ivolution case (the one with the clamshell cover) because the case itself (with no grooved ridge on the nub ) spins wildy out of control.

    This happens more frequently now, in which the case, without me realizing it, will actually turn upside down making the Treo slip out of the case, making it fall on the cold concrete

    So guess what? My Treo 650 finally had enough falls and now is acting funny. For starters, the ALT key is stuck. And the the main buttons don't always work. The keyboard now acts sporadically.


    For those who came close to ordering a Vaja case but didn't:

    What case do you recommend that is similar in style to the Vaja but has the security of not having my Treo spin wildly out of control?

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    I have an old Vaja T650 ivolution Top case--with the old clip system that is starting to wear out...I'm sick of the 360 swiveling, as my Treo has slided out upside down twice for me in the same day. Now my T650 is just starting to get scratches. Arrgh!
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