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    I ran into some minor issues myself. My text messages from my old phone would not copy over to the new phone. I wound up resyncing my old Treo 650 phone (using syncall.prc first) after I installed the new desktop software, then copied the message database file to the mini card then FileZ to copy it back to the phone.

    Also under the C:\Program Files\Palm\User ID\Backup folder, you may have to right click and uncheck read only. I'm not sure why mine was switch to read only.

    Other than some minor applications, everything sync'd well. Except for my MS Pacman. It prompts me for a serial number, but still runs.
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    well I did a hard reset, beamed my memos, contacts ect... reinstalled my apps one by one, fixed the problem with PTunes but still cant set up my 2nd Gmail account on Chatter which I now conclude is an issue with Gmail and not Chatter or my Treo. I ended up just fowarding any emails that came in to that account to one of my AOL accounts that is set up on Chatter and TADA everything is up and running very well on the 755
    I'm a Pre gal now
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