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    I'm working on customizing a ROM for the 650.

    One minor annoyance I've had with my 650 is strangely unreliable bluetooth connectivity with my GPS. It's a MTK chipset (iBlue 737), a GPS unit with known issues with Palm PDAs. Though it works flawlessly with my Palm TX.

    So my thought was, if I copy over select bluetooth files from a Palm TX (with perhaps "newer" bluetooth drivers) onto the custom ROM for the 650, any reason why this would not work? I've managed to "pair" up corresponding files. Perhaps I would just need to copy over essential files (i.e. the Bluetooth stack interface), leaving the rest alone. This attempt is hampered by my poor knowledge of just how the Bluetooth interface in Palm is implemented.

    An analogy is if the FATFS.prc driver can be replaced with FAT32.prc, perhaps the same could be done with a bluetooth driver.

    Here's what I have so far:
    TX file-->Treo file (what I've found via different resources its purpose is)

    BtCommVdr.prc --> BtCommVdrLib_Device.bprc (BT virtual serial driver)
    BtCommVdr_enUS.prc --> BtCommVdrLib_Device_enUS.oprc (overlay for above)
    BtExgLib.prc --> BtExgLib_Device.bprc (BT exchange library)
    BtExgLib_enUS.prc --> BtExgLib_Device_enUs.oprc
    BtLib.prc --> BtLibLib_Device.bprc (perhaps library containing developer API's)
    BtLib_enUS.prc --> BtLibLib_Device_enUs.oprc
    BtManager.prc --> BtManagerApp.bprc (BT manager application)
    BtManager_enUS.prc --> BtManagerApp_enUs.oprc
    BtManPnl.prc --> BtManPnl.prc (Prefs panel shortcut to BTmanager program)
    BtStack.prc --> BtStackLib_device.prc (Bluetooth stack interface)
    BtTransport.prc --> BtTransportLib_Device.bprc (Transport library for bluetooth)
    BtTransport_enUS.prc --> BtTransportLib_Device_enUs.oprc

    Any threads on where this may have been attempted before? I'm guessing only some of these files are needed or safe to change.
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    Taking a smaller step, and perhaps more logical step, I tried updating with 700p bluetooth files. Replacing nearly all the files, just the btliblib files, or just the btstack file resulted in reset loops after ROM flashing.

    Likely it's much more complicated than I thought.
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    The 650 is BT 1.1 while the 700p is BT 1.2. I'm pretty sure it has different hardware, so you can't just copy the files over and expect them to work.
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    Good point. Does the 680 also have v1.2?

    Some of these newer PDAs (though without phones) such as the TX were made with only v1.1, so maybe that's still worth a try.

    Though as people have been complaining about the 650's BT connectivity for years, I'm sure some enterprising attempts have come and gone without major success.

    Are there any differences in the bt files going into the latest ROM update? (I currently use 1.13, as opposed to 1.20, in my unlocked ENA Treo).

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