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    The problem is this:

    The palm locks up, leaving the screen in the "off" state. The palm is completely unresponsive during this time, and it last a few minutes. When the palm comes back, you see every action take place on the screen. Meaning, the action of every key i pressed while the screen was off.

    I am able to charge the phone at the time, or at least the led glows red when i plug the charger in.

    Removing/re-inserting the battery cause it to reset and the palm works fine, until the next lock up.

    Whats i think is going on:

    I think its just freezing/lagging very hard, based on the lag when the screen is on, and the instantaneous activity when the screen comes back.

    I've noticed that im always connected to the internet, and using toccer when this occurs. I always felt there has been more lag while using toccer, but i have never had this problem, which is just unbearable.

    Of course i will uninstall toccer to check the problem, but has anyone else gone through this?

    Lastly, whats the warranty on these devices if you registered? Just in case its something bigger than toccer
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    I went the rest of the day, disconnected from the internet with no freezing, just the normal slight lag once in a while.

    Then today i was talking to my girl on toccer, and after about 10 minutes the screen was treo was frozen, BUT this time the screen was on, stuck on toccer.

    slight changes i made before the freezing started.

    Using a 2.5/3.5 adapter and sony headphones

    Might also be useful to note, ptunes may have been activated during each freeze as well. And ptunes continuously has problems with crashing.
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    Seems like you narrowed it down to Toccer, pretty much. As for your comment about ptunes continuously crashing ... I use ptunes a lot and have never had it crash. Did you mean since using Toccer, or always? Perhaps there is another app on your Treo that is causing more trouble?
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    I have been having similar issues. Today I went to get a new SIM, and so far no issues. That might be your issue as well.

    FYI, I did a hard reset this weekend and loaded each app one at a time. SMS sent mine into a freeze each time.
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