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    Has Sprint limited the phones types that can be used with the SERO plan? I recommended it to a couple of friends but when I went to look at the available phones, all I see now is the Q and a bunch of flip/candybar phones.

    Last time I looked, there were Treos and Blackberrys amoung the choices of phone when ordering SERO.

    I wanted to get a couple more people switched over from T-Moble onto SERO but not with that limited phone choice.
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    It's possible that they are just waiting for the MR upgrade to release.
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    I just checked again and the 755p is now featured on the SERO page.

    They must have been redesigning the page yesterday when I checked because there were very few phone choices listed at the time.

    Also noticed that you have to call the phone number now to order. The web order thing is gone. Hopefully just temporary.
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    The SERO website used to be run by Inphonics. It is now all being done in house by Sprint. No way of knowing if Sprint will have on-line ordering, some Sprint CSR's are just now recieving training on SERO, which is why if you call now, you have about a 50/50 shot of getting someone who knows what they are talking about.

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