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    Hi - new to this forum,

    Here's a strange one: my unlocked Treo 680 on Cingular sets off the RF store alarms near the front door!!!

    This is the third time this has happened. Each time, as I am leaving the store the alarm goes off. I only purchased items the first time and we checked the bag and that wasn't it - the Treo did it. Then, the next two times I didn't buy anything and the Treo set it off again.

    Anyone else have the same problem? I opened the battery door and looked under the battery and inside the door for some RFID tag but it looks clean. One thing I didn't try is to power off the phone and/or remove the SIM to see if the problem persists. It was definitely the Treo - no Treo no alarm, Treo sets off alarm.

    This is kind of embarrasing ...any thoughts?

    Also, thanks to everyone for the good info...
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    I once though my Treo was setting off store alarms but it was actually an RFID tag left in a new wallet. Nothing else on your person that it could be right?
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    The first time I thought it was a tag on the items I purchased. We went back to the register and deactivated everything again (Home Depot). Walked through the scanner again and it went off. Then the clerk walked through with my bag and all was quiet. I walked through with the Treo and it went off. Then we emptied everything out including the Treo and I was OK. This guy was pretty nice about it and we started testing things - it was the Treo for sure.

    Next time - didn't buy anything (Macy's). Had a feeling it was the Treo - told the clerk, we tried it and again same thing.

    Last time - didn't buy anything (Rite Aid) myself. Alarm went off again - this time nobody cared. I gave the phone to my wife, walked back into the store and out again and all was well.

    For the last two places, I walked in and out of the same door but the alarm only went on when I came out. FWIW, this only started happening in the past few weeks or so.

    Any ideas?
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    How bizarre! If you are sure it is your 680, and are curious enough, and like walking in and out of rite aid, it may be worth narrowing down the cause: eg. Battery out; Phone radio off; BT off, IR off etc. It probably wont help you overcome it, but it will provide us here with a source of entertainment when you report back from your cell.
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    My friend used to put RFID tags under people's cel phone batteries as a practical joke. Usually would do it when they left their cel phone lying around at a bar, party, etc.
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    Umm, do you mean report back from your cell phone or jail cell??
    Where are we?? And why am I in this handbasket?!?!?!?
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    this is also happening to me. Usually, it's at Walgreens. There was another store where it happened but I don't remember which. It is strange since I don't remember this happening a couple of months ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shane4581 View Post
    Umm, do you mean report back from your cell phone or jail cell??
    I meant jail cell...I forgot that Americans call these things 'cell phones'.
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    Its funny i should stumble across this thread, recently I have had this happen to me both going in and out of stores. I kind of thought it was the 680 but this seems to confirm it for me.
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